Segata Sanshiro Toy Filmed For Your Pleasure

Segata Sanshiro was SEGA's mascot character for the ill-fated SEGA Saturn. The character was a parody of Sanshiro Sugata, the character from the Akira Kurosawa film.

The mascot even got his own toys back in the day — one of which was recently uploaded to YouTube.

The packaging has phrases like "Forever Hero! He became legend." You must watch this video. You must.

Forever Hero: Segata Sanshiro Figures [GameSetWatch]


    Mr Spoon will comply. Mr Spoon will Play Hard. Mr Spoon also wonders where he can download Sanshiro Segata's marvellous personal theme tune.

    (Mr Spoon also laments he does not have his own theme tune...)

    How did this console never kick off?!

      It was quite expensive and when the price finally dropped most people had PS1's by than. I had both (Saturn first) and to this day I wish I never lent my Saturn to my Brother, it was stolen from his place and I've never gotten another one.

      It was also hard to program for (at the time, it's considered a cakewalk now days) which meant development was cheaper for the PS1 and it kept gaining ground as the Saturn fell behind. Still had a lot of great games on it but.

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