Shadow Complex Is Your XBLA Deal Of The Week

Missed out on Xbox Live Arcade smash Shadow Complex? One of my favourite downloadable games of the year and recent Spike TV VGA award winner is now just 800 Microsoft Points, a deal that lasts only this week. Hurry!


    I've heard good things about Shadow Complex.

    If you've got the 800 points, it's probably worth the points.

    Great game.
    If you like Super Metroid style games then you will love this.

    My only problem with it was the sudden ending. I was told I had to get from point A -> B as quickly as possible, only to find it was the final battle in the game and I still had lots of items left behind to collect.

    It's still a great timewaster - Might be just the thing to escape to over those slow christmas hours

    Doh.. Gold membership expired and not signing up again until Feb cause Im moving house then.. Dammit!!

    Stupid deals of the week.. First time I actually will go for it and I can't!!!

    Insert rage here..

    i am soooooo keen to try this game!

    Unfortunately i have always been a bit of a tight arse and refuse to fork over them money for the wireless networking device and a gold membership...

    No matter how much i tell myself i need to get these things, everytime i think about it my wallet gives me sad puppy dog eyes....

    ...then we both cry...

      Ah dude, if you got a laptop with wireless, just connect your laptop to the xbox 360 and bridge connections.

      You don't need gold or wireless to play this game.

    Just checked MSP1200!

    Guess it's not MSP800 in Australia :(

      It is actually 800 points if you jump on your 360 and check the Game Marketplace tab. I've found that the Australian Xbox website very rarely gets updated for pricing.

      You need to be logged into your Gold account to see the special price. Works OK for me on the AU site...

        That's my problem - I'm not part of the elitist "Gold Membership" Club... I'm only Silver

        .... cause it's still MSP1200 for me :(

      Check it out on the Dashboard. It's 800 points.

      I recieved an EB voucher as an early xmas present... might head down and grab some points for this soon.

    I'd love to see this title hitting the PC on Steam, a shame that will likely never happen for those of us without the inclination to buy an Xbox 360.

    Already finished it about a month or two ago. I was playing it and through to the morning in one sitting if thats any indication of how good it is. Very fun and engaging. Awesome side scroll shooter.

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