Snuggle Up With Kingdom Hearts

And you won't even have to worry about being poked with a keyblade. This is an officially licensed "comfy throw blanket with sleeves" - because regular blankets are just not comfy enough.

Sleeves make everything better. So does Disney. And keyblades. And punch. Man, we love punch.

Thanks ZeroGinc for the tip!


    I hate those gown/blanket things. All the adverts show beautiful women using them, but I'm pretty sure its just horrible fat homebody geeks using them.

    That actually looks really itchy. then again i'm sure disney made it super soft and cuddly .

    Holy crap how much!? All I can see is 19.9... 19.9 money units?

    To stay true to the game they should price is at 200 munny

    Sad to see KH on a Snuggie. It just irritates me. lol

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