So Now I Have My Own iPhone - What Games Should I Get?

Usually the best gifts we get for the holidays are the ones we buy for ourselves. In my case, this would be an iPhone.

Now that I'm in possession of what people are calling the next big portable gaming platform, I need to load it up with games. I've got a few in mind so far - and I did let Randy Nelson from Joystiq talk me into a Scrabble-type app so we could see who's the better wordsmith - but it'd be great to get your recommendations.

Here's what I'm thinking:

First I need Wurdle and Fieldrunners. Back in March I met the creators of both games at a Game Developers Conference panel and heard a lot of good things about both games. Also, I want to support indie gaming.

Second I should get Puzzle Quest. I know it caused me a lot of grief when an early bug deprived me of my Bard character while playing on my ex's iPhone. But the kinks seem to be out now; and really, portable gaming doesn't get much better than Bejeweled wrapped in a role-playing game.

Or maybe it does? Peggle is definitely third on my list both because of quality and because I feel like PopCap Games manufactures my own personal brand of crack and I owe it to them to support my addiction.

On that note and as my fourth choice, I'm keeping my eye out for Plants vs. Zombies on the App Store in January 2010.

Anybody got any other suggestions? Drop me a line in the comments.


    Get Flight Control - it's cheap, it's elegantly simple, it's great for improving your finger dexterity, it gets frantic fast (so you can play a full game in a minute or two), and the devs (Firemint) are Australian, so you're supporting local industry. It's a winner.

      Oops, just noticed that this is crossposted from the US - you'll likely never read this, AJ, but still get Flight Control.

        Absolutely get FlightControl. Fantastic little game, and everybody who knows I have an iPhone asks to play FlightControl on it.

        GeoDefense is awesome as well, but unfortunately I'm not that great at it :(

        Zenonia's a fantastic RPG, reminiscent of the SNES RPGs and well worth the higher price tag that most games can't get away with.

        I quite enjoy BookWorm, Crayon Physics and JellyCar too. Puzzle Quest is a must have, and Peggle and Wolfenstein RPG are fantastic games too! Well worth getting them if you can - this goes for any iPhone owners, not just AJ in the US

    Doodle Jump! Great game and the developer constantly updates it to add features.

      I must agree, but I also digest Pocket God for the same reasons.

      The difference is that DJ is more addictive, but PG has more features.

      Both are exceptionally fun, though.

        That should be SUGGEST. Ironically, that mistake was made because I'm typing on my iPhone at the moment.

    The only game I’ve played on the Iphone was the MGS game, and honestly I can’t recommend it, it’s a fun game no doubt, but it’s not really a game that fits the module of the Iphone, Its not one of those games you can play for just 15 mins while you’re waiting for the bus or on a small break. It’s a game that needs you to understand the characters and environment. The fact that you will most likely be playing this game with the distractions of the public certainly doesn’t help. I think the reason games like Peggle have done so well is because they are the types of games that appeal to the Ihopnes mass market, just pick it up and start playing.

    Space Invaders Infinity Gene is one of the best portable games ever. Ever. Let alone shoot-em-up.

    Puzzle Quest is good, though I've gotten really bored of it...

    Nice post, RICH BOY!!! Nah, you're OK.

    Seriously though, what if I spent all my money on an iPhone and then don't have any money for decent games? Because, sadly, this is my situation!

    What can you recommend that is free?

    Minigore. For blasting furry creatures with a gun. :D

    Flight Control great game, and made by some Aussies in a basement. Helppay for their electricity so they needn't develop further games in the dark! (in fact, anything Firemnt has made is ace).

    TapDefense - free a simple TD game.

    geoDefense and geoDefense Swarm - hands down the best TD games on the iPhone. Don't miss these ones.

    a2z Conversions - I know, not a game, but you'll use it fairly often, AN it's free. Same goes for...


    Star Hogs - it's not Worms, but by jeez, it's pretty damn close.

    And if you want ome non-casual games, have a look at Wesnoth, SEED and Fantasy Warrior: Good and Evil.

      D'oh, 'Common Sense' but didn't realise it was a US kotaku post... oh well.

        There are plenty of Kotaku AU readers who'll appreciate your advice though.

      Seconding Star Hogs. Great little game with very friendly devs and IMO superior to the actual iPhone version of Worms simply because it has awesome 3G multiplayer. Think Worms + Mechwarrior style customisation in space.

      It's also the best worst example of the horrible Apple approval process delays. The first update of the game was stalled for THREE MONTHS.

    iBoost - then driving everywhere will feel like you're in need for speed! Aussie devs too :)

    CANABALT! - Absolutely necessary. No excuses.

    Sword of Fargoal - If you like rogues this is a fantastic title. Actually even if you're new to rogue-likes you'll probably enjoy this.

    Also, if you *do* like rogues "Rogue" and Nethack are available for free.

    I'd reccomend Minigore; fantastic twin stick shooter although it seems a little dull at first
    until you unlock the harder difficulties.

    Definitely recommend Peggle and Flight Training, as posted above. Would also reccomend some non-game apps like Shazam and others. Ask around, a lot of people have iPhone and iTouch's now, so plenty of people can offer you advice on the subject.

    Might be a bit late as most people would have already read this post, but Coles are running a promotion at the moment where you spend $100 on groceries, you get 50% off itunes gift cards.

    So after doing the groceries I picked up the TomTom navigation application for $50 rather than the $100 pice tag. So if you want to bulk up your ipod touch or iphone with some good apps that always seemed out of reach or some games, get in to coles!

    Nethack. Its free none the less so there's no reason to not give it a go.

    Currently on my iPod touch, in order of most played:
    1. Space Invaders Infinity Gene. Revolutionary!!!
    2. Arkanoid.
    3. Lumines.
    4. Pac-Man CE
    5. Galaga Remix.
    6. Bubble Voyager. Let's Tap game.
    7. Puzzle Bobble.
    8. Flight Control. Simple, fun, twitch-time play.
    9. Platypus Lite. shmup
    10. Sky Thunder. shmup
    11. iFighter Lite. shmup
    12. Hot Field Lite. shmup
    13. RhythmTap Free. Let's Tap game.

    Havent played enough of 10-13 to recomend yet, but 1-9 are all very good, though on some u will need to change the control method in the options menu as the default methods are sometimes not the best.

    Civilization Revolution
    Dungeon Defense: Crypt Edition
    5 Minutes to Kill (Yourself)
    Urinal Test

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