So, Now We're Leaking Cooling Fan Footage. Mkay.

Not only that, for $US50 you can make your Xbox 360 sound about three times as loud. Here is "leaked R&D" video of ZooZen's "Overcase," which turns your Xbox 360 into a stereo tuner from 1982.

Still preying on RRoD fears, at least the Overcase doesn't void a console's warranty - unless removing a faceplate violates a warranty, which I doubt it does. The case features extra cooling that continues past powerdown, like the fan on a 1997 Mercury Sable station wagon.

Reminds me of the Gary Busey Outer Helmet Protector Protector. MUST watch: ZooZen transforms the 360 into a beauty from a beast [MaxConsole via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    that actually looks awesome! that gives it a nice sleek stylish look similar to the original PS3. i'd buy it for sure!

    I'm not sure that would really be conducive to good cooling, adding another box around it doesn't make much sense. A whole new case makes sense as that really seems to be the biggest problem. The 360 is a nice looking design, maybe a classic, but at the expense of reliability.

    I want the cooling fan that reduces noise... honest to God, mine souds like the warm up cycle on a Bell-Huey.

    I'd say they are a few years late to the game here. Do many people want something that's going to make the console considerably more bulky? Had this been around when the consoles were RROD a lot more often and the media's eye was turned in that direction perhaps they would have an easier time selling a box with fans for the console.

    Don't get me wrong, it "looks" elegant but if it's going to make the console larger I fail to see the point.

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