So, Now We’re Leaking Cooling Fan Footage. Mkay.

So, Now We’re Leaking Cooling Fan Footage. Mkay.

Not only that, for $US50 you can make your Xbox 360 sound about three times as loud. Here is “leaked R&D” video of ZooZen’s “Overcase,” which turns your Xbox 360 into a stereo tuner from 1982.

Still preying on RRoD fears, at least the Overcase doesn’t void a console’s warranty – unless removing a faceplate violates a warranty, which I doubt it does. The case features extra cooling that continues past powerdown, like the fan on a 1997 Mercury Sable station wagon.

Reminds me of the Gary Busey Outer Helmet Protector Protector.

MUST watch: ZooZen transforms the 360 into a beauty from a beast
[MaxConsole via Hot Blooded Gaming]


  • I’m not sure that would really be conducive to good cooling, adding another box around it doesn’t make much sense. A whole new case makes sense as that really seems to be the biggest problem. The 360 is a nice looking design, maybe a classic, but at the expense of reliability.

  • I’d say they are a few years late to the game here. Do many people want something that’s going to make the console considerably more bulky? Had this been around when the consoles were RROD a lot more often and the media’s eye was turned in that direction perhaps they would have an easier time selling a box with fans for the console.

    Don’t get me wrong, it “looks” elegant but if it’s going to make the console larger I fail to see the point.

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