So Some Guy Spent Over $300,000 On A Virtual Item

Earlier this year, I bought a house for $US360,000. It was a scary investment, yes, but also one that gave me somewhere to live. I just can't see buying a virtual item for $US330,000 being as practical.

Buzz Erik Lightyear, a major player in the world of Entropia Online, recently spent that much money on a single item in the game, the "Crystal Palace" space station.

Sounds absolutely crazy, but then, there's a catch: the Crystal Palace sells items in the game world, and Buzz will get a cut of every sale made. There's also major profits to be made hunting the creatures that roam the station.

Still...$330,000 on something that's really just a bunch of polygons sitting on a server, whose survival is dependant on the whims of the company controlling those servers... I'll stick to spending that kind of money on real dwellings, thanks.

Entropia Universe Crystal Palace Space Station in Planet Calypso Sells for $US330,000 [OMM, via Slashdot]


    I agree, it sounds stupid, especially after the Global Financial Crisis. But then again, I don't know the amount of profit the station makes. I don't know how much is sold, nor how much the stock costs to the consumer, nor how much of a margin he makes.

    Nowadays, it could be a better investment than starting a business; it's cheaper and you don't need to make/buy stock, and all marketing is basically already done.

    heh, I'd do it if I had bajillions of mula lying around.

    If it was WoW, maybe it'd be worth it... but wth is "entropia online"?

      ha Yeh got to agree, wtf is Entropia?

    The idea of virtual real estate is interesting. This could be profitable maybe, I don’t know I’ve never played the game in question. I do know that a lot of people have lost money doing these kinds of things, anyone remember a few years ago when people started buying land and buildings in that crappy “Second life” game/social network. They hoped this would be the next big thing and they could turn a profit (I heard one guy even spent $10,000 for a recreation of Midgar from FF7). Well Facebook gained momentum and pretty much put every other social network site out of business. And now peoples land and buildings are worthless.

    I’m curious how much the WoW Auction House would be worth if this was in the same situation?, probably the kind of money that gets Universities named after you.

      I hear what you are saying - but I actually know someone who used to make at least a few hundred, sometimes a couple of thousand dollars a month from second life. He moved away, so I dont know if it has died or whatever, but for a while there he was doing alright out of it. Guess it can go both ways.

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