Some Advertisement Mentions PSP-4000

A PSP accessory advertisement in the latest issue of British trade mag MCV contains an odd selling-point: that it's compatible with the PSP-4000. A console which does not exist.

See for yourself in these pics. It goes a little beyond "typo", since they actually created a little bubble logo for the console. So it's either an elaborate, embarrassing mistake (which, to be honest, seems more likely), or accessory manufacturers 4gamers figured that nobody outside the "industry" would bother reading MCV's mag, so they could slip mention of a fourth iteration of the original PSP in there and hope nobody noticed.

Whichever it is, you can see the original ad below.



    I wonder if they'll ever get to nine thou- nah.

    Probarbly another quick rehash of the UMD psp. If it was another PSP go model it would have that blue bubble. I just sold my Gran Turismo psp bundle. I upgraded from a 1000 a couple of months ago but i never use the damn thing. no point keeping it! its a pretty forgettable console imo.

      The 100X is a fantastic console, once you use it for everything other than UMD's...

      And once you have Final Fantasied on the go (not, necessarily PSPGo, though), there's no going back.

    Since its an "Official Licensed Product" I would think that the ad would need to be cleared by Sony before publishing (or atleast their legal team) - and thus if they didnt removed it I'd say its more than just an accidental typo. Remember, Sony are the kings of this type of marketing promotion of their new products (remember all the rumours of PS3 Slim)

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