Some New Resident Evil 5 Alternative Edition Screens

Next February (Feb. 18 to be exact!), Capcom is bringing RE5 to the PlayStation 3 in the form of Resident Evil 5: Alternative Edition.

The game will take advantage of Sony motion controls as well as include new episodes like "Desperate Escape" in which players control Josh Stone and Jill Valentine in an effort to help Chris Redfield and Sheva.

There are also new costumes for the game's Mercenaries Mode (which is retitled "Mercenaries Reunion" for this versions). Those new costumes include Exoskeleton Chris and Office Lady Sheva.


    Wasn't RE5 already on the PS3?

      Yep, but they'll slap on a few minor extras, slap on a new hardly-functional motion control scheme that really won't suit this game at all, and charge you full price for a game that's already going for half price!

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