Sony Add NBA, NHL Games To The PlayStation Network

Continuing moves made earlier in the year, when MLB, UFC and wrestling content was made available on the PlayStation Store, Sony yesterday announced there are now NBA and NHL games ready for download as well.

The NBA content is the more appealing of the two, Sony promising "select games" will be made available every week of the season, while the first two rounds of the playoffs will also be covered.

The hockey stuff is a little less current, with twenty "historic" matches going up for sale.

Everything is priced between $US2 and $US3.


    I’m curious as to how much these UFC fights cost, because some of the big name main events have lasted less than 1 min, seems a bit harsh paying full price for a 1 min fight, I’m guessing they also include the pre fight hype videos and such. I’d definitely buy some UFC fights and wrestling matches.

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