Sony Swag Contains Nintendo Horror

I received a very strange package in the mail today. It was from Sony. Yet contains one of Nintendo's less savoury moments.

Opening up the envelope, I was presented with a copy of Daredevil, circa December 1989. An original, pre-owned copy. It was a promo for Sony's upcoming PSP comic store, and as far as press mail-outs go, original 1980's comics are pretty rad.

Truth be told, though, I don't really like Daredevil, so wasn't expecting much, but a ho-hum comic got interesting when I got to the back cover. And found this.

Hey, Mario. Eyes up, buddy. Eyes up.


    small mustashed man bathing child, what could possibly go wrong.

    I wouldn't mind Princess Peach bathing me.

      Where's the 'like' button when you need one?

    That is a terrific cover so if you don't want that cover I'll gladly accept it.

    wow.... if you think that there's some kind of devious undertone from this then I'm shocked. PC gone mad. This was hardly newsworthy.

    .... does that say "Kotaku presenting" at the top?.... looks like it ha ha

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