Sony’s Motion Controller Patent Goes Attachment Crazy

Sony’s Motion Controller Patent Goes Attachment Crazy

A newly published patent from Sony Computer Entertainment, which looks a lot like the company’s PlayStation 3 motion controller, showcases a plethora of possibilities for the forthcoming device, more attachments than you could shake a Wii Remote at.

The patent for an “Expandable Control Device Via Hardware Attachment” touches on a number of control options. According to details from the patent, Sony’s motion controller may offer the option to join two motion control units together lengthwise—previously seen in an earlier patent—or in an H-shape.

And as pictured above, a unique, secondary controller attachment may offer a solution to the one DualShock in one hand, one motion controller in the other hand scheme seen at Sony's Tokyo Game Show press conference.

Other potentially interesting add-on possibilities are attachments shaped like a baseball bat, a conical flashlight-like attachment and a rattle-like sphere attachment that's very maraca like.

Perhaps more interesting is a proposed biometric reader attachment, including a "thumb reader used to validate the identity of the person holding the controller by analysing the biometric data provided by the attachment."

Additional possibilities included microphone attachments and swappable control faceplates—letting the player customise whether a motion controller has buttons or a d-pad or even a dial.

Of course, this is a patent, not a product announcement. Sony could simply release the motion controller as previously seen, with none of these possibilities becoming actual products. But take a look at some of the drawings in the gallery below and check out the patent to see what Sony may have in mind.

Sony Motion Controller Patent gallery

Expandable Control Device Via Hardware Attachment []


  • So by filing these patents, no third party’s can legally make their own attachments(that closely match the listed ones) for the upcoming official PS3 controller?

    • I Agree, Plus Microsofts Project Natal looks way better & you don’t need a stupid looking controller that looks like a weird Vibrater lol (Just My Opinion).

        • +1 for not passing English!

          ANYWAY – Sony’s and MSs devices both seem to have their pro’s and con’s from what we’ve witnessed so far.

          Its thing like this that make Natal look good. Less money spent on accessories for certain games. I thought Sony wouldn’t have gone the Nintendo route with that one but they clearly are going to.

          But at the same time, a controller, even if its motion control (and Natal is meant to cross that out to bridge the gap between gamers and non-gamers) is good to have so that you can have even MORE control.

          Who knows, perhaps Natal in 12 months time will have a controller that can be used for certain games. But playing FPS or games like GTA where its open-world, seem unplaying with Natal. As much as i am looking forward to it, it still seems NOT their.

          Sony on the other hand, seems to be doing it fairly right with HAVING a controller (an ugly one at that) but the accessories thing isn’t working for me. Nor the whole, only one controller but some games may need two etc…

        • And if you do Microsoft will have an attachment for that. Ugly? Here’s a wearable Master Chief helm! Come on, how many kids would want that

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