Sony's Svelte Australian Gaming Digs

Earlier this week I dropped by Sony Computer Entertainment's Australia offices in Sydney to catch up on things Playstation and Antipodean.

Spokeswoman Rebecca Rice was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to show me around and chat for a bit.

While most of what we talked about was boring insidey-stuff, she did let me take some snapshots of Sony's productively-compact offices.

While the summer Christmas is still taking me some time to adjust to, it was nice to see some familiar faces lingering in the hallways outside one of the meeting rooms.


    Helghan soldier! I love those statues!

    Phwoar, sweet as! I gotta get me one of those label sticker machines. Nothing says class like those!

    I've been to that building for a meeting with another arm of Sony and i saw the entrance to this place while walking up the stairs. Man all i wanted to do was go in and walk around and have a good look...but it was not to be.

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