Sooprise, Sooprise: 'PSP-4000' Ad Was 'Mistake'

To the shock of very few, the advertisement about a week ago listing a "PSP-4000" in addition to PSPs 1000 through 3000, and the Go, has been disowned by the advertiser, who calls it an error.

Accessories4Technology, the creator of the ad (and the accessories series mentioned in it) told Negative Gamer that it was all "a mistake on our part." licence manager Angela Jones told the site that she wasn't sure how the error was made but, to her company's knowledge, Sony isn't working on a new version of the handheld.

Negative Gamer adds that Sony's response to the issue remains the standard no-comment for rumour and speculation, but I can't say that policy indicates anything other than what this is, an advertiser mistake. PSP-4000 Advert was 'Mistake' [Negative Gamer]


    It does seem a bit too soon for Sony to be coming out with yet another PSP model, it hasn’t even been 3 months since the PSPgo. But on the other hand it just seems like too obvious an oversight to just be an error, whenever I make anything on Photoshop, it’s really easy to see and correct all the text, I just can’t imagine a team of people not noticing this, especially when it took about 2 seconds for people to notice it when it came out. The only thing I think this may be is that the PSPgo is getting its first much needed upgrade soon. If you ask me someone spilled the beans a bit too early on this.

    In my opinion, the PSPgo needs to GO! It's one of the most horrible mistakes Sony made. Let's just hope that mistaken advert will be real in the future.

    I just sold my PSP 3000 after hoping an upgrade from my old 1000 would get me interested. It has potential but such few games and a widely unsupported media format and Id rather play there console counterparts. It is by no means a bad handheld but its the most boring console out of all consoles and handhelds this generation.

    I agree with the above - the PSPGo was indeed a spectacular failure. I think, however, that Sony has to release an updated version of the PSP-3000, bring back the UMD system and add extra support features and a reduced cost. A lot of people just are not ready for digital distribution, and I know for myself at least I prefer having a physical copy of a game, it makes me feel like my purchase means sometiing and I have something to prove it. For others this may not be the case, but I think Sony needs to release a PSP-3500 or PSP-4000.

    Wouldn't a response like this come from the company even if there was a PSP-4000 in development?

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