South Korean Criticism Of Super Street Fighter IV Korean Stage

For the first time in a Street Fighter title, there is a South Korean character: Juri. Not everyone is happy with the way South Korean is depicted in her SSFIV stage.

According to South Korean newspaper The Dong-a IIbo, South Korean gamers who have seen Super Street Fighter IV's South Korea stage feel disappointed and don't really feel that it looks Korean, but rather, Chinese or a mix-mash of both, making it difficult to discern where the heck the stage is.

It's not just the outfits that the background characters are wearing, but also the banners which predominately feature Chinese writing — a few banners appear to feature Korean writing. Of course, Chinese writing has traditionally been used in Korea and can be found scrawled on landmark temples and shrines.

Other criticism is that there are few skyscrapers (which dominate today's South Korean urban sprawl) and the depiction of street vendors is highly outdated.

Stereotypes in Street Fighter?

Hey look, India!

スーパースト4「韓国ステージがひどすぎる」と韓国人が不満爆発 [まにあっくすZ]


    I’m glad they decided to cut out the lesser know North Korean level in which Kim Jong il can be seen in the background with his groovy sunglasses fiddling around with a nuclear warhead.

    But seriously, before street fighter represent Korea better why not represent human beings a little better. Perhaps not give Ryu quite as much roids next time around

    Yeah, and all of America is low riders and diners with neon signs.

      Soooooo true. Did anyone in America cry out? No.

    its a game for gods sake who gives a shit if it looks real or not

    They should start getting used to stereotypical views of their country, and so should other nations.
    I sure've gotten used to stereotypical Australians in American movies. It's kinda the same thing.

    Yep. They get the kangaroos we ride in a bit wrong.

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