South Korea's First Person Shooting In 3D World

Located in Seoul's Yongsan Station, FPS World gives Koreans a chance to wield airsoft versions of Berettas and Desert Eagles — 3D versions of the guns they fire in shooters like Counter Strike.

FPS World is a modern spin on the pop-up shooting gallery with a gaming-themed spin.  

"I gave it a try and for about three bucks you get forty shots of semi auto action," says South Korean-based reader Peter. "You get to slap a second magazine in and the shooting range is done up to look like a typical fps scene."


    Why can't we have something like that over here in Australia?

    Shooting ranges.

    thank god i can go to them when ever i want.

    That's pretty cool, but anyone living near Sydney can do them one better - theres a company that runs an advanced kind of laser tag in the old Maitland Gaol. That's right, team-based laser tag in a genuine prison! The guns are tricked up to look like P90s, are accurate to about 90-100 m, and even have red dot sights, but the real winner is the setting; it's dark (especially at night, under floodlights), it's corridors connecting courtyards with cells along the way, there's upstaris and downstairs bits, there's even razor wire on the fences and inmate graffiti on the walls. I can't recommend it highly enough to a FPS fan, for a slice of what it would really feel like to be in a game...

    I'm surprised the media hasn't hyped this up to say "fps = school shootings " etc. I'm sure something like that would happen if a place was released down here, and it would add further fuel to the R+18 debate. This place is pretty cool though, I reckon it'd be a blast with some friends to compare scores and stuff.

    And that you could compare the guns here to the guns in a realistic-enough military shooter like MW2. That is, of course, if the guns were accurate makes of the real thing.

    This is pretty cool, but I can't help imagining that an uproar would be created if a place like this was made here. The media would overblow it, and it would just be another strike against us in our quest for an R+18 argument. Still, that would be a blast to try out with mates and compare scores. I'd like to compare the weapons there to weapons I've seen in pretty realistic shooters like MW2, and see if the guns at FPS World compare to the ones in our favourite games.

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