SouthPeak Carries Blood Bowl Across Goal Line

Cyanide Studios' Blood Bowl scores a retail release next year courtesy of SouthPeak Interactive, carrying the video game adaptation of Games Workshop's fantasy football board game to the Xbox 360, PC and PlayStation Portable.

Blood Bowl is a game of real fantasy football, with races from the Warhammer universe taking on each other in brutal football action. The game is already available for digital download on the PC, but we've been waiting for word of the Xbox 360 and PSP release for quite some time. Now the waiting is over.

"We're thrilled to have a part in bringing a proper retail version of Blood Bowl to North American gamers on Windows PC, Xbox 360 and PSP." said Aubrey Norris, Manager of Human-Orc Relations at SouthPeak. "It's never easy to get all these races to agree on something – but if there's one thing they love its good competition with a lot of bloodshed!"

The PC and Xbox 360 version will be hitting store shelves next month, with the portable version dropping early next year.


    is this just an american thing, its been available on shelves since october this year

    I haven’t actually played this game, but from the Good game review it seems they wanted too much of an RPG element to go along with the Football aspect of the game. You can’t have a good football game and break up the gameplay every 10 seconds to have you pick specific options. If the developers want to make this game better just drop the RPG menus and just make a good football game with a fantasy theme.

      Except its is a video game version of a table top board game of the same name. If they didn't keep it on that wavelength original gamers would scream blue murder.

      If you want a good football sim look elsewhere. This was never meant to be that obviously. So to complain it doesn't match up as a good football sim is just stupid.

      I for one love it. Got it the day it was released online ages ago. Its true to the board game and once you get into it brings back flashes of childhood.

    This has been available on 360 here in Oz for almost a month now. However, I've only seen it in store at JB, Game and Harvey Norman.

      At work (retail), we've had the PC and PSP versions of blood bowl for some time now.

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