Space Invaders: From Game To Cartoon To Game

It's Wednesday night. You have no date, a two-litre bottle of Shasta, your all-Rush mixtape, and, now, this impossibly good Space Invaders clone built on Futurama's epic "Raiders of the Lost Arcade" vignette from the third season of Futurama.

Seven months in development. Shinobi's Place has released "Invaders! Possibly from Space!" to the wild - free - for PC. It recreates Fry's fight against Lrrr's invading horde ("Increase speed, drop down, and reverse direction!") with so much more - episode dialogue, power-ups, and of course, the all-Rush mixtape soundtrack. That means at least three IPs infringed upon here. I can only hope that Taito, Fox, Matt Groening, and Rush can come to a quick agreement that something this awesome must be allowed to live. In case they don't, run go get it quick before it is C&D'd to death. Invaders! Possibly from Space! [Shinobis-Place via GameSetWatch]


    Ah, I could never get the last one, my brother always got it for me...

    Amy, tend to the widow Pacman.

    Did I happen to mention Anthology of Interest 2 is my favourite episode ever?

    From Game to Cartoon to Game... Now I'm waiting for the cycle to continue and seeing a Space Invaders cartoon. *shudder*

    Hahah, I love Futurama, and this is a fantastic project. As I posted in a different topic, I'm constantly amazed by some people's creativity, especially in relation to games. Seven months is a huge amount of time to spend on something so minor, so hopefully he gets the recognition they deserve!

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