Splinter Cell: Conviction Limited Edition Will Put Hair On Your Face

Splinter Cell: Conviction Limited Edition Will Put Hair On Your Face

splinter cell conviction limited editionSay hi to the Australian limited edition of Splinter Cell: Conviction. It comes with a statue of a very grizzled looking Sam Fisher.

Ubisoft today announced the Limited Collector’s Edition of upcoming stealth-action game Splinter Cell: Conviction. The Xbox 360 version is pictured, but rest assured PC owners, it’ll be available for you as well.

Inside, you’ll find:

* An exclusive Sam Fisher statue * Infiltration Mode: A bonus playable mode where you eliminate all hostiles in the mission area without being detected * A special playable skin: Shadow Armour * Early access to three weapons: SC300, SR2 and MP5 * The official Splinter Cell Conviction Soundtrack

No RRP was given, but retailers seem to be offering it for around $130.

Ubisoft also mentioned the game’s multiplayer will be revealed via Xbox Live on December 17. Splinter Cell: Conviction is out in Australia on February 25.


  • What? No steel book for Australia? That’s the only thing I was interested in. Perhaps with the exception of the infiltration game mode, which if it is decent will definitely not be limited to LE owners. Early access just means you don’t have to unlock the weapons, which takes some of the fun out of the game, the OST is easy to get a hold of, and the figurine is… well, a figurine. Gimme the steel book Ubi… don’t make me come over there…

  • I would have liked a behind the scenes and making of. Along with concept art. Even a metal case would be nice.

    I’m not one for figurines and if i was, gaming figurines wouldn’t be my cup of tea anyway. The game mode sounds cool but will most likely be unlocked after completing the game perhaps or through DLC or even like Resident Evil 5’s other mode was by MS Points.

    The weapons and skins are just a meh to me. The thing i hate about Limited Editions its that they are NOT limited and when they throw in extra weapons or armour etc… They are all usually available throughout the game, just got to unlock them.

    This would be better if it was: Game mode extra (and make sure its not something that is easily unlockable otherwise pointless extra money you’re spending), Metal casing, Figurine (for those who care), Artwork, Making of DVD and Soundtrack (for those who care about that too).

    Hopefully JB have it at a cheap price. I know they are selling it.

  • When I saw the pic I thought “WTF is wrong with his left foot?”

    Then I enlarged the pic and saw that his trademark NVG’s are in front of his foot.

    I honestly thought that he was turning into an Ewok with the grizzly face and all.

    • If you pre-order the game as well, you get the Making-of DVD a comic book and a couple of other things too. I’m not liking the paint job on the figurine and really the only thing that interests me in the pack is the Infiltration mode, which is certain to become available to non-CE owners.

      The pre-order pack with the standard edition is good enough for me. I would have loved the artbook that’s coming with the NA version though.

  • They’ve done it again.
    Game content not distributed on the disc, you just get a card with download codes. Essentially you’re buying the original game plus some DLC, you don’t get a LE disc.
    I hate it when they do this. It’s becoming more and more common.

    • its to curb piracy and the second hand market. if they include the extra stuff on the disc pirates can get it and so can anyone who buys a used copy. but if its a d/l code, it can be used once and it encourages anyone who really wants the game to buy it. personally i think it a very smart move. it doesnt really put us at a disadvantage if you “buy” the game and buy it new. i truly think they should include MP the same way, you can only play it by unlocking it with a code included in the box. im not saying ive never pirated anything here. but, if they want to increase profits and decrease piracy/second hand markets that would be a huge advantage to them. i will probably pre the LE tomorrow just because its an LE. i was gonna get the game anyway so, whats a few extra bucks? this is one of my more anticipated games of 2010. it just reminds me of 24 and i love that bloody show 😉

  • I’ve seen the Infiltration mode described else-where as a co-op mode. What the heck is the point of limiting co-op mode only to people who by the collector’s edition? Talk about destroying your player base.

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