What Do These Final Fantasy XIII Dungeons Have In Common?

Yes, yes, what do they have in common? Possible spoilers ahoy.

FFXIII dungeon maps have been popping up online. And the ones that have been have something in common - they're pretty much a straight shot. (The could be what Famitsu was referring to when it said the story was linear.)

Final Fantasy XIII is a long, long game, and there are bound to be many different types of dungeons. Hopefully they're not all on a straight line. Curves, please, curves!

Otherwise the game's walk through will look like this:

1. Enter dungeon. 2. Walk straight.

ハングドエッジ - ファイナルファンタジー13 攻略 [GAYM via オレ的]


    far out! that sucks... there goes exploration out d window

    I found FFX to be pretty bad for its linearity... I thought 12 fixed that issue for the most part... I was hoping they'd have learnt for XIII. I guess it's looks over substance for the initial part. Hope it changes for the later part of the game.

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