Spoiling Modern Warfare 2 For Michelle Rodriguez

A spoiler is a spoiler. Doesn't matter if it's big or small. Or if you are a Hollywood actor. A spoiler is a spoiler. And if you haven't played through MW 2 yet, this is a spoiler for you, too.

While Michelle Rodriguez isn't appearing in Avatar, she's doing other things - playing video games! Here's how her interview with game site GameCulture plays out:

What games are you playing these days?

Assassin's Creed II.

What do you think about the Italian Renaissance thing going on there?

I think it's awesome, but I haven't had a chance to get that far into it yet because I'm too busy with freaking Call of Duty!

What are your thoughts on the airport sequence in Modern Warfare 2?

There's an airport sequence?

Where they make you go and kill the hostages.

Holy shit.

You haven ‘t played that part?

Uh-uh. I haven't gotten that far. I've been playing online.

There's a sequence where they force you to kill the hostages.

Holy shit. And do you have to do it?

You have to do it or you die, since they find out you're undercover.

F—ked up. Talk about collateral damage.

She's doesn't seem to be irked! No biggie. She's too busy to be irked.

GameCulture Exclusive: "Avatar" Vet Michelle Rodriguez Talks Modern Warfare and Dodging Earthquakes [GameCulture]


    lol imagine finding out you're versing her in a match

    "You have to do it or you die, since they find out you’re undercover."

    Since when? I walked through the level and didn't shoot any civillians (got distracted by that chocolate shop).

      Yeah same. First time, I was like, hmm so this is it and thought well I guess I gotta kill since thats the objective. Second time on Veteran i didn't kill one person considering you move the same pace no matter what you do.

      Nothing happened. Journo obviously got confused with, "you end up dying at the end of the mission because they know you're undercover".

    hostages? what f—ken hostages? i didnt see any damn hostages!!! i saw a lot of travelers running for their lives as i naded them and mowed them down with a huge smile on my face. but, be damned if i saw a hostage.
    obviously the interviewer hasnt played "the sequence" yet either. dumbass!

    Wow, way to be spoiler jerks, GameCulture.

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