Square Enix Increase Final Fantasy XIII Shipments

On Tuesday, Square Enix were expecting to ship around one million copies of Final Fantasy XIII to retailers in Japan, ready for the game's launch. Today, on launch day, they had to up the number.

Square Enix boss Yoichi Wada, His Imperial Hotness, has issued a release today stating that number had been ratcheted up to 1.8 million. That's a big jump, considering there were only meant to be 1.3 million copies available for the entire week.

The increase draws the launch closer in line with that of the last game in the series, Final Fantasy XII, which had two million copies on sale, albeit for a console with a much higher install base at the time.


    No doubt it was a smart move.

    Wanna know something that wasn't? Microsoft not using the money that controls the universe to pay a lot of money to Square Enix to release it in Japan a month earlier than the PS3 port.

    The japs are freaks when it comes to franchises like Final Fantasy. They would go out and buy a Xbox or if they have both, buy it for the Xbox just to play it that month or even 2 weeks early.

      @Jay: I rather doubt that... many a JRPG'er was burned last time w/ the Tales port over there and seeing as a majority of Jp gamers already own a PS3 I'm more inclined to think they would wait..

      If anything the 360 version was more of a chance to sell more outside the homeland as 360 sold more outside of Japan.

    Jay, the ps3 was used as the development machine. the game was ported to the xbox 360 later. i just wanted to correct you because you said "ps3 port"

    Microsoft paid MILLIONS OF DOLLARS so that Square Enix would both to put Final Fantasy XIII on such a crap system like Xbox 360.

    Correction with Jay's comment. It's out at the same time as the PS3 and it was developed FOR THE PS3, so it's an Xbox 360 port.

    Square Enix were saying that both versions would look exactly the same, but it's quite evident in videos we've seen that the quality of the Xbox 360 version has been degraded. Final Fantasy XIII executive staff have even admitted it saying that the game has been compressed for the Xbox 360 and it has stayed uncompressed for the PS3.

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