Star Ocean The Last Hope PS3 Has "Additional Characters"

It's become a pattern: Game is released on the Xbox 360. Time passes and said game is then released on the PS3 with extra content and extra characters. Star Ocean 4 is no exception.

Star Ocean The Last Hope, it has been previously announced, is truly international. Along with both English and Japanese, the game will also feature German, French and Spanish.

Along with the previously discussed battle system tweaks and menu changes, the official announcement says the game now features "amazing graphics through Blu-ray Disc".

The game also sports "overhauled menus" and "additional characters".

Star Ocean: The Last Hope International Has Extra Characters [Siliconera]


    Doesn't matter how much they "overhaul" it. Won't make that game any better, than its boring original self. Mmmmm kay.

    the game was crap anyway

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