Star Wars: The Old Republic Just Got A Whole Lot Sandier

Tattooine. A harsh, desert planet, filled with hives of scum and villainy. A place where it is nearly impossible to find the droids you are looking for, and the latest planet to join the Star Wars: The Old Republic galaxy.

It's where both Luke and Anakin Skywalker got their starts, and where an unfortunate incident with some Sand People set the latter off on a path that would eventually have him sounding suspiciously like James Earl Jones. Back in the Old Republic timeline, Tattooine is even wilder and more desolate than it was in the movies. The Republic uses the former Czerka Corporation outpost at Anchorhead as a pit stop, while Imperial forces have garrisoned a regiment in Mos Ila, using the Jawa-restored spaceport there as a base of operations as they seek the ruins of Czerka's weapon labs.

Between the two? A terrible secret. Insert dramatic incidental music here.

Check out Tattooine's Holonet page at Star Wars: The Old Republic for more on the planet where love and just about everything else is like sand.


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