Starship Patrol Brings More Tower Defense To DSiWare, Q-Games Style

The official Nintendo Europe web site has given us a better look at Q-Games next original DSiWare effort, the downloadable DSi game known as Starship Patrol over there, Starship Defense over here.

Like Q-Games' PixelJunk Monsters, Starship Patrol is a classic tower defence style game, but with a focus on resource management, strategic weapons placement and a clean, unique visual style. From the same developer of Reflect Missile, Art Style: Digidrive and PixelJunk Shooter, Starship Patrol should be on your radar when it arrives in Europe next week.

It will then come to North America as Starship Defense on January 18. For screen shots and the official description, with defense spelled "defence," click on.

Starship Patrol [Nintendo UK]


    Liking the style, might be my first actual DSi purchase.

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