Steam's Big Holiday Sale Will Stuff Your Digital Stocking

The holiday season is always a time for big savings. Steam is also a place where big savings happen. Put the two together and you have some crazy Christmas bargains.

Steam's holiday sale has kicked off a little early this year, with all kinds of tempting deals. Like Mirror's Edge for $US5, GTAIV for $US7.50 and Defense Grid for $US2.50.

That's Mirror's Edge, GTAIV and Defense Grid - three of the finest games of the past two years -all for $US15. Crazy.

There are plenty more great deals listed (50 per cent off all Ubisoft games, an Eidos pack with Batman, Mini Ninjas, Deus Ex and Hitman), and plenty more to come until the sale ends on Sunday, January 3.

[Steam Holiday Sale]


    Braid for $2.49USD, Prince of Persia 1-3 $4.99USD each, Assasin's Creed $9.99USD, Stalker $1.49USD, Rome Total War Gold $2.49USD, Stalker Clear Sky $4.99 and the list just goes on and on.

    This is one of the reasons i support steam so much. The sales are fantastic. Really helps the budget gamer get a good taste of everything.

    those are some amazing deals. I'm glad I held off on buying some holiday steam games until now!

    I just poured through most of the store and there are a lot of insane prices! It makes my wallet hurt to think that many of these games I bought years ago for anywhere from $20-50 are now selling for as little as $5-10. XD

    i'll definately be getting defence grid... as well as stalker, zombie shooter 2 and maybe even killing floor...

    There are ALOT of quality games dirt cheap right now

    Is there any good mods for GTA IV? I've got it on 360 just wondering if the PC version has anything to offer. I usually wouldn't look twice if I already own a game on another platform but for $7.50 USD...

    Also any word on PC getting the episode packs?

    mirrors edge is very tempting.

    Braid is also cheap.

    Just bought GTAIV for US$7.49, that's a huge bargain!

    Mirrors Edge for $5 and Killing Floor for $10 are also good buys. Get 'em while they're cheap!

    This is why I love steam/valve. I'm always on a very tight budget, so this is basically the only way I can afford to pay for a lot of games (especially with the pricing of Australian releases).

    And, if Valve's sales data is anything to go by, it's a win-win situation! (Case in point:

    TBH, the indie game's are the ones that interest me the most. Killing Floor, Braid, and Altitude are must haves. I just bought the full version of Altitude, having played the demo and i'm loving it!

    The thing with these other 'big name' titles like mirrors edge and GTA IV is if they didn't interest me enough to buy them at launch, they probably won't interest me enough when they are X% off.

      Mirrors Edge is a surprisingly good game once you play it, has some really cool moments and is something a bit different. GTA4 is quite enjoying, has a good story, some funny characters and load of content!

        Can I ask how big the GTAIV download size was? I have a capped plan, so I'm rationing out this month's quota. I already have it on PS3, so am considering double-dipping. At this price it's definitely worth it.

          Steam says it uses 15-16GB disk space, pretty sure that means how much it downloads as it seems it doesn't install or expand stuff.

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