Stocking Stuffers: Despairing Video Game Poetry

Regular listeners of British podcast OneLifeLeft will be intimately familiar with the work of Craig "The Rage" McLelland. Since most of you don't listen, though, I feel compelled to point out his new book of poetry. Video game poetry.

His poetry is bleak, but not bleak in a way that makes you feel empty. Bleak in the way that it makes the worst in video gaming things to be celebrated. In a perverse, self-masochistic kind of way.

Craig's got a new book out, called "64 Bits of Pain", and if you're looking to stuff a gamer's stocking with something other than a GameStop gift voucher this Christmas, this might be a good idea.

You can read some preview pages here. I'd recommend you start with Assassin's Creed.

[64 Bits of Pain]


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