Stolen 360 Helps Cops Bag Prolific Bronx Burglar

Jeremiah Gilliam's streak of 200-plus larcenies and burglaries came to an end when the criminal mastermind plugged in a jacked Xbox Live, leading the cops directly to his door.

Police got a search warrant for Gilliam's home in the Bronx based off tracing info gathered by Microsoft and Gilliam's ISP. Seems he snatched an Xbox 360 - see? It's not so hard to specify the console in question - around Nov. 11, then hooked it up to play an online game (unspecified, but we'll forgive 'em). Evidently the console was reported stolen, and when law enforcement went back to Microsoft to ask if that machine had connected since the burglary, lo and behold it had. I'm assuming the monthlong intermission was to make sure everything followed search warrant and subpoena procedure.

When police cuffed Gilliam, they found loot from "about 200 car larcenies and a couple of burglaries," reports Consoles, mobile phones, GPS devices and other electronics were found in the trove. "We recovered so much, I just didn't know where to start," Pelham police Detective Rick Deer told LoHud.

Gilliam has the proverbial longer-than-one's-arm rap sheet. He was out on parole at the time of his arrest. He's looking at felony grand larceny charges. Police Follow Xbox Trail to Suspect, Find Loot from 200 Thefts [ via Hot Blooded Gaming]


    Perhaps they should put a Xbox 360 in all the giant safes in the world, it sure beats one of those stupid exploding paint wads of cash you see in the movies. This is like the 3rd time I’ve heard of a 360 tracking down a criminal, perhaps the police should just replace all tracking devices with 360’s.

      1) Wouldn't be able to hide this in a bag for a dropoff.
      2) Makes enough heat to set said bag on fire.
      3) ...that's if it gets enough power to actually turn on.
      4) ...which means you'd need either a huge battery or a power generator, further adding into the high weight and size.

        ben sounds like a ps3, (or any other platform) fanboy

        My ludicrously stupid idea has holes in its logic?, I refuse to believe it!!!1!11!one

        But seriously, just have a boxed 360 in the safe, they will do the rest themselves trust me.

          That's actually a pretty cool idea Andrew. It's the whole bait and switch - bait them with the 360 and then switch their house for a cell and a roommate called Bubba.

          I don't think we'll ever see it, unfortunately. Hell, I'm still waiting for terrorists to start manufacturing guided missiles with PS2s.

    It's obvious that the XBOX 360 is the superior console considering it is helping tracking burglars!! The PS3 has never made the news in any shape or form like this ! I will stay with Microsoft XBOX 360 just for the security built-in box. Good work Bill Gates

    I'm surprised, if he was stealing 360's, that he actually managed to carry the power cord and power source. Zing!. But also this is another time I've heard of gaming consoles catching criminals. Seems like Microsoft's registration and ISP-tracking features actually are combating crime.

    What an idiot.

    ahahaha.... 360 solves crime, ps3 does secret government work, and the wii distracts cops from doing their job XD

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