Sun Rises, We Have More Mass Effect 2 Screens

Wondering why there's been so much Mass Effect 2 media lately? The game is out next month. These January games have a habit of sneaking up on you like that.


    where is wrex already

    Yay for boobies! Pic top right. I miss my g/f from the first game though ... both of them.

    You know, I'm getting a little bored with all these previews and screens showing virtually the exact same combat over and over. The game looks and sounds like it will be amazing, but It'd be nice if some of the dialogue and humour got a video segment or two. It wouldn't hurt to show off some of the prettier vistas (if any) in the game as well. I'm also very interested in the planet exploration and the new Mako.

    My one hope for ME2 is that the main story planets are similar to the ones in KOTOR, where you have a friendly or neutral town at the beginning with lots of entertaining little sidequests, then head out into more dangerous territory. ME1 completely threw this out the window, with only Noveria really having a friendly place to start. Would also love an Elcor, Volus or Hanar teammate too!

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