Sunsoft Rises Again In West, Promises Blaster Master For Virtual Console Soon

Japanese publisher Sunsoft, perhaps best known for its NES release Blaster Master, will be resuming operations in North America the company announced today, soliciting a little relaunch help from Gaijinworks.

For those unfamiliar with Gaijinworks and their singular title Miami Law for the Nintendo DS, the company was formed by ex-Working Designs president Victor Ireland.

Sunsoft's first release in North America will be the Wii Virtual Console release of Blaster Master for the NES, a 500 Nintendo Point download.

"This first Wii release is a great start, but there is one upcoming announcement in particular that will demonstrate just how serious Yoshida-san is about rebuilding the Sunsoft console gaming brand here," Ireland teases in the official announcement. "Game fans are going to be pretty happy when they hear about it – I know I was."


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