Super Mario Bros. — The Drinking Game

This is "Adult Mario," an emulator hooked to beverage hardware that, depending on what you do in Super Mario Bros., mixes up a powerful or watered down beverage while you play.

Working on a classic drinking-game premise - get booze when such-and-such happens - Nonpolynomial Labs' Adult Mario disburses rum for smushing goombas and coke for each coin you collect. Also, humping the flagpole ramps up the spike. If you die, a big splash of water cuts your drink.

Another setup, called Bartris does the same thing with Tetris. The colour pieces comprising a line determine the drink's composition - brown squares are coke, grey pieces are rum, blue pieces are water.

The apparatuses were shown this weekend at Roboexotica 2009 in Vienna, Austria. If you missed it, the bartender mods will be shown at Roboexotica US in San Francisco in February. Nonpolynomial Labs Roboexotica Projects [Nonpolynomial Labs via Destructoid]


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