SweetRobot Pits Pets Against Monsters

SweetRobot Pits Pets Against Monsters

Here’s a closer look at the kid-friendly Pets vs. Monsters, the first game from Funcom’s new casual studio, SweetRobot, heading for open beta testing before the month is out.

Pets vs. Monsters is a free-to-play MMO targeted at children between the ages of eight and 12. Kids create an avatar, select between dogs, cats and bears (just like at the pet store, only with bears!), and set off on an adventure destroying monsters while riding on the back of their trusted companion.

Like Sony Online Entertainment's Free Realms, Pets vs. Monsters will integrate streaming technology, allowing children to start playing within minutes of download. Parents worried about exposing their children to foul language and internet predators need not worry, as Funcom has included a constructed chat system to ensure that no foul words pass their players' fingertips.

Check out the game in action, along with a couple of screens, or visit the game's website for more information.


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