Take-Two Sells Off Jack Of All Games, Goes All In On Publishing

What would make Grand Theft Auto publisher Take-Two Interactive revise its yearly earnings downward by an impressive $US290 million for the year? The selling of its distribution business, Jack of All Games.

The company announced today, just a few days after its quarterly earnings report, that it was selling off its distribution company to SYNNEX for $US43.25 million, putting all of its eggs into the publishing business basket going forward. Take-Two expects more than a quarter billion drop in estimated revenues for the year, a $US120 million drop in the first quarter alone.

That's a big drop. So, why would Take-Two do such a thing?

Publisher CEO Ben Feder says the sale "is consistent with our stated intention to focus our resources on our core business strategy - delivering globally the most innovative and creative interactive entertainment products."


    Their shares are going up and down like a kid on a sugar high...

    Wonder what this will do for them,,

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