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    As from last week, I've still got a few Google Wave invites kicking around to share if people are keen. Hit me up on here, Facebook (click my name) or on twitter @blahjedi if you're interested.

      What's Google Wave?

        It's Google's new communication/collaboration tool they're currently doing a closed preview of. Check out for an idea of what it's all about.

      I'm on Wave but I have no idea how to use it or what it does. Feels like the future to me.

        This sums it up nicely I think:

    The world has gone upside down

    Heavy Rain is censored in the US (no breasts during strip scene) but uncut in Australia

    Bout time we get one up on them bragging bastards.


      We have polar "community standards". Sex scenes are OK but violence is not.

      Boobs are always fine in Australia, as they should be. It's a perversion that boobs could possibly be considered offensive when nobody bats an eyelid at breathtaking violence.

      The Witcher too was censored in US, they put black bars on all the breasts, like that somehow removes any sexual connotations. I guess they have something against mammaries.

    I'd rather an uncut L4D2 than pixel boobies.

    a few posts in already so it's okay now... SPORT!!!

    I saw bits of the Test over the weekend... it's abit of a shame that the Aussies won so easily in the end... hopefully the Windies put up more of a fight for the rest of the tour...

      It looked alright from where I was in my Corporate seating (being paid to be there too might I add). Of course it could've been to do with all the beer we were drinking, but hey.

        Paid to go to the Cricket and drink Beer... that is a great day at work!

    speaking of sport, Andy Harper was a complete tool on fox sports last night ripping into the referee for Brisbane vs Wellington

    The referee got the red card 100% right. Just because A harper has not read up the new rules as of July 09 does not give him the right to criticise the referee in such a way.

    And for the record i am a NSW Premier League Class 1 referee, so would like to think I can judge a referees performance better then some two bit commentator

      I'm with you there Simon, as I detest idiots who attack the Referees like that (and who don't apologise when they're pulled up short).

      Replace Andy Harper with Andrew Gaze and you've found someone who grinds my gears when it comes to Referee criticisms. Yet to hear a game Gaze commentates where he has something positive to say in regards to the Refs. The last 2 Olympics were painful to watch & listen to because of his rants in that regard.

        Considering the FFA slapped the player with an extra weeks ban on top of the mandatory 2 i'd say the referee got it right

    So who's keen on BlazBlue finally being confirmed to be getting a local release? I certainly am!

    Anyway, on the whole fighting game topic, what do you guys think about Super SFIV? I was considering avoiding it altogether, as I wasn't overly impressed with vanilla SFIV (felt too floaty and slow, net code was crap in comparison to Super SFII HD Remix, Seth was a horrible boss, good chunks of the higher end combos were ridiculously hard to pull off 100% of the time, etc.) and Capcom stating that they were increasing the difficulty and cheapness (they literally said they were going to make him more cheap!) of Seth certainly wasn't going to win them any points from me.

    However, after seeing the new characters (I couldn't be happier with the latest 3 announced), the re-introduction of bonus stages, and what seems to be a slight speed increase to gameplay, I'm starting to turn around.

    I'm curious to see the opinions of other Aussie fighting game connoisseurs.

      I was always going to get SSF4 on day 1, seeing as I've gotten more than my money's worth from SF4.

      I like the slower pace of the game (although the only time it felt floaty and slow was when using Dhalsim), the combos are just a matter of practising the timing (like with all fighting games really, although the higher end combos aren't always necessary to actually be good) and Seth. . . well, Seth was a pain, but I have worked out ways to beat him pretty easily.

      Mostly it just comes down to staying just out of throw range and hitting him while he recovers from his moves. Teleporting characters can have a lot of fun just teleporting behind him and having their way with him and anyone with a fast jab and just mash LP whenever he comes near them.

      He was a cheap boss, but he ran on very easy to manipulate routines.

        I definitely agree that he was quite exploitable once you worked out how to do so. But beating bosses shouldn't be a matter of exploiting stupid AI. Sure, I could spam jump kicks on him every time he gets up and get two perfects in a row, but when I try to fight him legitimately he gets all cheap (no boss should be able to grab me mid-Ultra when I've already clean-hit him with the start of it). I've been playing Street Fighters since World Warrior, so it's not a matter of not understanding the mechanics, or just being crap at the game. But if I lose to a boss, it should be because the boss was simply better than I was during the match, not extremely cheap. The Akuma and Gouken fights in Arcade seemed to be closer to the mark on how I believe boss fights should be (although they could've been a bit tougher, IMHO).

        On the combo side, I certainly agree that the larger combos certainly aren't required to be a decent player (and the damage scaling tends to make the higher combos pointless anyway). But how often can you pull off Sagat's fake kick when you want to? Certain combos (or even standard attacks or special moves) are pretty much impossible to do with any accuracy without an arcade stick, which seems quite counter-productive to making the game more accessible to a larger audience.

        What is your opinion of the online system of SFIV? While not featuring double-blind character selection isn't a complete deal-breaker for me (as the characters are reasonably balanced at lower-to-medium, and even higher, levels of play), the lag throws off a large amount of potential strategy and timing IMHO. Then again, maybe HD Remix has spoiled me. ^^

    just a big thankyou to steam this week for letting me buy a years worth of games for the price of one from EB.

      Oh indeed. Picked up the LucasArts pack and Plants vs Zombies. Think I'll grab Mirror's Edge tonight and Evil Genius.

    Just bought Street Fighter Alpha Beta Super Epsilon 5 or some stupid name like that, I don't care, it's a Street Fighter game, it's mindless fun on a plane trip. Anyway, bought it off the Australian PSN store for the PSP, downloaded all fine which in itself is miraculous, but the game isn't finding a memory stick. Whenever I get to a save screen, the game can't find a memory stick and subsequently, the game pretty much crashes because I can't get out of this screen without saving. Is this a known problem? Is there a workaround?

    Just picked up my copy of "The Sabotour"... now I've got to wait for home time to play it.
    God damned work!

    I have a copy of the UK collector's edition of Dragon Age I'm looking to sell, it's identical to the australian one except with a regular plastic case and no cloth map but all the bonus items, I really wanted the cloth map since i collect them. If anyone is interested hit me up on facebook.

      It's on PC of course.

    Finally got to play the most recent Prince of Persia game this morning (after picking it up for $19 from K-Mart yesterday). Really like it, although the crutch in the form of the girl is a touch annoying - So far I haven't seen any limit to the amount of times she saves you & guessing from the reviews, this doesn't change..

    Hi, I originally posted this in the "Rebellion Bans AvP" article but it got buried, so I thought that I'd have a lash here.

    A lot of people are saying to check out playasia to import this game. I did a quick search there and all that came up on 360 was the American version of the game. I assume that this wouldn’t work on Australian PAL systems, so are playasia also likey to list the UK version of the game closer to the release date?

    This might be a stupid question but I’ve never ordered through them before, so any advice would be appreciated :)

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