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    Happy Monday everyone!

    So, how may seconds is it until Zelda?

    Hey i was just curious what guys think of ultimate gamer on fox8.


      It's absolute pap...

      No wonder the general public don't respect gamers. Those guys aren't gamers, they're 12 year olds who happen to look (loosely) like adults

      Reality TV will usually give the people it's filming a distinct lack of respect :)

      Exhibit A: Jersey Shores

    Question for everyone:
    Pretend you're a reporter for a paper, news, whatever. If you ran into Aktinson in the street, and had a chance for just one question, what would you ask him?

      Mr Atkinson, when do you intend on retiring?

        Mr Explody FTW

      Assuming I was a reporter... and not a gamer?

      Mr Atkinson,
      Given the sex scandal your parties leader is involved in, do you think this is going to affect the oppositions chances for election in March?

      I think we forget because it applies to us, but the greater population still see's games as things like Tetris and Wii Bowling, and whilst they probably don't give a damn that some kids / dole bludgers / lazy youths can't play the latest bloodfest; it's more likely they don't even know it's an issue.

    Hi team, quiet week this one.

    Who can suggest some decent podcasts to grab/listen to? I currently get the Forcecast ('s weekly Star Wars podcast) on a regular basis, but haven't been able to find any gaming-related ones I really enjoy.

    Any ideas?

      Theres some good ones on Games Industry Mentor:
      But they are more about how the industry works and less about the games.

      I assume you've listen to the 'Bombcast' (, thats my current favorite but I understand not everyone likes it.

      The best gaming related podcast is 'A life well wasted' ( though its release schedule is fairly random.

      I listen to the GiantBomb podcast. It's the only one I've tried listening to, so I can't say if it's better or worse than any other ones. They're the ex-Gamespot guys, and they have a weekly two-hour podcast that involves them talking about the games they've been playing (and their opinions beyond the reviews they post up), video game news, a brief list of the games coming out that week and then email responses.

      Aside from the podcast their reviews are pretty informative, and they always have silly behind the scenes/around the office videos. They also do quick looks of games, so they play for half an hour or so and give comments; it's a really good way to gauge a game before you purchase.

      My favorite gaming podcasts are;

      A life well wasted

      the Bombcast

      Cheers guys. Will hit up both and see how I go.

      Listened to both overnight.. Found myself really liking A Life Well Wasted, mostly because of how it's presented. Will be going back to grab the earlier eps when I get a chance.

      Cheers !

      Hey Aaron,

      I normally listen to The Australian Gamer podcast ( was a bit sporadic of the last couple of months but they seem to be getting back to a more regular schedule.

      Although I'm not a reader of their website I quite like the atmosphere of the Gamers With Jobs podcast (

      The already mentioned Life Well Wasted is great as a long form think piece on gaming culture.

      I also listen to the Gamespot AU podcast but it is pretty commercial and I imagine not to everyones taste. I mainly only listen to it as an additional Aussie gaming angle.

      I've previously stated that I listen PALgn and the Level 31 podcast but I find a couple of people on each podcast so incredibly rude and wanting to talk over the top of everybody else that I couldn't stand to listen to them anymore.

      Check out Sarcastic Gamer for something different.
      The Playstation Podcast that Sarcastic Gamer put together is pretty funny. I listen to it for the laughs rather than the news. It may take a few listens to the shows to get the humor, but I often find myself laughing.

      Hey mate,
      A favourite podcast of mine that is also Australian is thumpad. Go to or (which has a game of the year podcast coming soon).

      I also like N4G radio, the Joystiq Podcast and Rebel FM. Obviosuly the bombcast too ;)

    Since I have a few weeks to spend playing games before Dark Void hits in January, I'm conflicted between finishing Borderlands and running through Mass Effect for the 3rd time to get my character ready for Mass Effect 2. Decisions, decisions...

    Ok just bare with me here, I have a point.
    Just finished watching UK Top Gear, the episode where Guy Ritchie wrecks 4 reasonably priced cars. There's a part of the show where Jeremy shows a Navigation Screen inside the new Range Rover.
    The screen is able to display 2 sets of IMAGE AT THE SAME TIME !! Like those cool Hologram cards we used to have as kids.
    On the drivers side, you're able to see the GPS working in full effect, then the TV camera moves to the passenger seat and we can see him watching a DVD.

    Now this technology got me thinking.
    If the big TV manufacturers made TV's with this tech, and game companies tinkered around, it is possible that this could be the end of the SPLITSCREEN mode.
    Instead we'd be able to just sit on the other ends of the couch and view our own screens, and not have to waist half screen, and steal a glance above to where your friend is while tracking him down.
    I really hope this feature takes off, because it would bring back local Death Match / multiplayer sessions in a big way.


      I'm thinking I've got an epsiode or two of top gear that i need to download :)

        You mean watch on Channel 9 ;)

          he meant "ummmm via youtube".....yup def what he meant.

    Oops, and here's the link.


    So we all want to know... how did David go at trivia? :p

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