Team Bondi... But Nobody's Home

Much of the LA Noire team is in LA filming, we were told, when we stopped by for a surprise visit.


    LA noire is being made in australia?? i didnt know that

      It's been being made there for like the last 6 years

    Hahahah. When I first looked at this image, this was all I saw:

    "Much of the LA Noire team is in LA filming" ? - that would be five people out of a long-suffering crew of 100+ who were more than likely there when you called and have been there day in, day out, through the Xmas break and six-day weeks and late nights and enforced attendance at desks on weekend with nothing to do just to show visitors from NY that "work is being done". All this stuff flying around on the web about working conditions at R* and the grim outlook for Red Dead is mirror image of what is going on at TB with LAN. (TB is being bankrolled, and Eye-Of-Sauron-managed by R*)

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