Team Fortress 2: Friendship Ends In 1 Day

The blue Soldier and red Demoman are friends, and the administrator can't have that. "Call Mr. Hale. Tell him we have some custom orders for him. Tell him money is no object." Can Soldier and Demoman class updates be far behind?

These events play out in a webcomic that's popped up in a post on the Team Fortress 2 blog that simply says, "Attention employees...friendship ends in 1 day." In the rather lengthy comic, the administrator reacts badly to news that two opposing team members have formed a lasting bond of friendship. You can read the rest for yourselves at the link below, but pay attention to that last line.

"Nothing kills a friendship faster...than a healthy competition."

Could the mystery of the strange sound files be solved? Insert dramatic chipmunk here.

Attention employees... [Team Fortress 2 Blog - Thanks Jim!]


    Sounds like it could be an ingame competition to see which update gets released first? Highest total score gets the new toys first. What do you guys think?

      I think itll be more along the lines of the achievements needed to unlock the updates will have to do with the 2 classes killing each other...

    Maybe it'll be more difficult friend related achievements. Not unlike blow up a friend.

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