Team Fortress 2 Mystery Update Is "Not A New Game Mode"

The most recent update to Valve's two-year-old shooter Team Fortress 2 did more than just fix bugs, it added a bunch of new sound files for the game's Announcer, newly referencing friendships, betrayals and mercenaries. So, new game mode? Nope!

While some Team Fortress 2 players are left scratching their heads, some have already heard the Announcer's new dialogue used in game. The developer says the update is not related to a new game type.

"We've got something coming, but it's not a new game mode," Valve's Robin Walker says. "The key to understanding the new sound files is to figure out who's hearing them in-game, and who isn't."

Well, that's certainly cryptic, Mr. Walker! Since I've not heard them in-game yet, nor have I taken a survey of who has, we're still trying to figure this one out.


    Something to do with your friends list?

    Would love more payload maps

    2 years on and I'm still hopelessly addicted to TF2.

    I keep buying new games but not finishing them because of it.


    OK those sound rather awesome...whatever the reason.

    wow and today a whole server " #14"was calling this one kiddy a whack job for hearing new anouncer sounds/ calls etc...
    Hmm ScottyWAY2Hotty I apologize (from Fluffy)

    I reckon it's the same as the domination feature, except this will probably be stuff like assists, and changing sides. So you get friend status with a person, change sides and you get betrayal. Constant changing of sides gets you mercenary. Stuff like that.

    Boss battles with the announcer?
    but really,this sounds more spy orientated

    Something new (comic) has appeared on the TF2 website related to this update:

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