Team Fortress 2 Propaganda Invokes The Spirit Of '42

You might have noticed. There's a war going on in Team Fortress 2 right now. Where there's war, there's propaganda, and where there's TF2 fans, there's great propaganda.

As part of this struggle, Valve are running a contest, where the best user-submitted propaganda posters for the war win some prizes, like one-of-a-kind, in-game items named after the artist.

Though the competition is still running, Eric over on GSW has done a little digging and come up with some of the better entrants so far.

While some opt for more contemporary designs, as a history buff I can't go past these, by AgentScarlet, Fenomena and IgnisSolus rspectively.

For the rest, head below.

Propaganda Posters For TF2's Demoman, Soldier [GSW]


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