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Dammit, we want you to tell us stuff! Stuff like whether arcade gaming is still relevant to you.

This isn’t some marketing survey or whatever. It’s an emotional investment in you. Yes, we’re interesting in knowing you, Kotaku reader person. You probably know enough about us — more than you even want to, we’re sure. But, hey, we’d like to know about you, too.

Anyway, here’s today’s question…

Do you still visit arcades? If so, what do you play? If not, why not?

Me? No, not me. My last arcade visit involved stumbling into some seedy and far too brightly lit gaming den in Melbourne when (a little bit) drunk and being challenged to a round of Street Fighter IV. In my teenage years, I used to love arcades, and would spend hours playing Double Dragon or Outrun or 1942 or Gauntlet. Back then the home consoles and computers couldn't compare to the visual spectacle of the best arcade games. Today that's clearly not the case. So yeah, I'm curious to hear why you still go, if you still do.


    Absolutely not. There aren't any around, and they'd end up being more expensive per hour of gameplay than a new release anyway.

    Besides, most of the games in arcades that I've ever seen are older, and less powerful than the 360/PS3 fare of today.

    Street Fighter III 3rd Strike. In fact all Street Fighter games.

    alot of people play that racing game Initial D too. and of course the Tekken series and KoF.

    now that i think of it, Arcades still have alot of other good games to offer. All those new music/rhythm oriented games like Guitar Freaks (good), Taiko no Tatsujin (better), and that thouch panel game (cant' remember the name but Best)

    hell yes, arcades are relevant. i Love the arcade.

    Rarely. Sometimes i'm in the CBD and want to kill a few minutes. Only games i'll play are some of the fighting games i don't own or any of the gun games (because lets face it, i wish i had gun games like that at home).

    The other time i visit arcades are with some female friends/partners and we visit the large Timezone at the gold coast. They have some great games there and we spend most of the time playing the ticket ones, or air hockey.

    I still go regularly. My younger brother (whose 9) and I regularly go whenever we're out at some place and play those games where you get tickets and exchange them for prizes and occasionally dabble in some old school Point Blank or something.

    Other than the family affair of arcades, I occasionally go and like to challenge of couple of people to draw a crowd in SF4 in Galactic Circus (Melbourne).

    Have not played an arcade since... i think i bought my first 3dfx Card for the pc.

    I have a quick look when i goto the cinemas (rarely) and i swear most of them havent changed since i was a boy and seriously who in there right mind is going to pay $2 for 5-10 mins play time.

    Spend a few hours in an arcade and you could have bought a new release game............

    I used to visit the arcades everyday after school for the street fighter II series.

    Nowadays I never visit the arcade simply because the games are crappier than the home consoles versions.

    Further paying per game aside the joystick, gun peripherals maligned, comfort of your own home/equipment and overall arcade satisfaction is severely dimished.

    Similarly I used to PC game all the time for Kings Quest, Diablo series, Command & Conquer etc.

    Again nowadays home consoles give greater satisfaction, do not require expensive upgrades and have zero configuration per game etc.

    Take for example my top of the line Samsung LED television, ONKYO DTS HD etc and why would I pay per game or PC game with lesser equipment?

    I used to play a lot of fighting games until the arcade I went to shut down. There are quite a few Timezones where I live but none of them seem to have much variety in terms of competitive games, so I have lost interest. Playing online will never be able to match the atmosphere of an arcade and meeting to people face to face to play games with.

    I still go to galactic circus with the gf every now and then.
    I only ever play racing/shooting/redeemable games.. quality is seriously lacking in our days now though..

    Still it's nice to get the nostalgia feeling

    I go to arcades every now and then still. Like you though it's usually when I'm slightly tanked and a mate issues a challenge.

    Last time I went the challenge was air hockey and we broke the screen of a machine behind the table we were on :S

    Last time i played an arcade game I was about 8 and it was at a timezone which is now a cinema.

    As long as Daytona, DDR and Drumania are still running, I'll never abandon the arcade =D

    It's a shame though that Australian arcades are so dilapidated compared to the ones in Japan. If only they updated or introduced new machines more often, like that taiko drum game, or dropped their ridiculous prices (2 dollars for SF4??). Right now it feels that places like George St. Galaxy World are only serving the needs of Tekken enthusiasts.

    Timezone Brisbane CBD, Street Fighter 4. Though Tekken 6 is always pretty busy. For fighting games, the real action occurs between people in the same room.

    I still visit arcades ocassionally. It's mostly fighting games (Tekken, SF, KOF), driving games (Initial D, Daytona, Wangan) and a variety of rail shooters that still appeal to me.
    I also like the ability to vs. people face-to-face; it makes the experience all the more exciting (more so than over the net or LAN).

    But when I get my ass handed to me, I enjoy watching others play and learning a thing or two.

    Time Crisis, please. I still play it though it's getting harder to find the first 2 games in arcades nowadays... Also still play Puzzle Bobble and Metal Slug if only just to belt the smug male arcade patron #265 next to me.

    No way, too expensive, too far and way more comfortable playing at home!

    Driving or flight sims are still fun to play in arcades with the force feedback chairs and such.

    Other than that all I might be interested in would be old school games. Its just nice to nostalgia about those times when you use to raid your parents change bowl for coins and then going down to the arcade.

    I don’t go to an arcade perse but I do pump some dollars into the Daytona machine every time I am stuck at a kids party at the local bowling rink.

    My wife gets the first half off to have coffee with friends so then half time – change sides and I get to school my sons on how to power slide round corners in Daytona.

    Also I dunno if its just me but they really seem to be all the same machines and games I used to play 10+ years ago.

    Two words. Primal. Rage.

    i always play the pinball machines at pubs and love the dj max machines at malls, tekken 6 empties my pockets too quick though.. theres no good arcade i can say i regularly go though i remember there was a place in the gold coast that had 8 mechwarrior machines set up which was so cool, i played it every day i could when i stayed up there, point blank while waiting for a movie is a bit of a tradition for me and my friends

    All the games stated above are the reasons i would never go to an arcade nowdays. Fighting, driving, shooting and rythym games. Boring as hell and too expensive. And what is the deal with Metal Slug? It's CRAPTASTIC.
    Anyway, when arcades stopped taking silver they died in my eyes! (unless it was 2 credits for $1)
    Having Rygar on the Xbox and an arcade stick, i never need to leave the house again. Yes i'm a 'back in my day gamer' and proud of it!

    Nope, money is better spent on your own system where failure or death doesnt cost 2 bucks each attempt.

    Pinball machines. There's something about them that you can't get from playing the same on a PC/console/handheld.

    I'd want to own one, but having worked in a Playtime for 12 months I remember how much work they are to maintain and keep working in tip-top order.

    I've played a ton of Initial D since Stage 1 (except for Initial D4; that was shite), and I've certainly gotten my money's worth out of it. Certainly an experience that the home versions can't live up to. Besides, there's something special about being able to interact with your opponents in an arcade setting. Plus, I'm less likely to have to deal with 12-year-olds yelling profanities at me at an arcade, rather than on Xbox Live. ^^

    The only arcades I would spend money in are arcades with Virtual On cabinets.

    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 is important to me; always has and always will. This is not relevant.

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