Tetsuya Nomura Working On Two Unannounced Titles

Talk about a busy guy. Tetsuya Nomura worked as main character designer on Final Fantasy XIII, director and designer for Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep and ditto for Final Fantasy Versus XIII.

We forgot Final Fantasy Agito XIII! He's character designer for that, too.

In the most recent issue of Famitsu, Nomura reveals that he is working on two unannounced titles. He gives some updates, saying that they are working to bring up the quality so that the difference between real time and pre-renders in the upcoming Final Fantasy Versus XIII is seamless. He also says that development for Agito is going favourably.

"There is a still yet unannounced title that I am working on sooner than thought," he says. Voice recording for this title has begun.

"It's not a brand new title, but there is one more unannounced title."



    I'm sorry, but I really feel like someone new needs to take over with the character designs at Square.

    While I loved the characters in the 'first' iterations of games like Final Fantasy 7, Parasite Eve and Kingdom Hearts, Nomura's designs have since become incredibly stale.

    Nonsensical clothing on girls who all look the same and guys who all look like girls? Bleh.

    Next Character Designer please!

      No, they should just bring back Yoshitaka Amano!

    thats a guy!?!!

      Ahh... the mystery of FF male character androgeny is solved by that photo.

    they need to bring back amano.

    Nomura's design are so animu generic.

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