TF2: Soldier Update, Free Weekend

Team Fortress 2's week of WAR rumbles on, yesterday's Demoman update followed today by a shiny new piece of kit for his new arch enemy, the Soldier.

This is the "Direct Hit". It's a new rocket launcher for the Soldier, which is aimed at those who, well, like to aim. Its splash damage is greatly reduced, but in exchange, it's a lot faster and more powerful than a standard rocket. It also does extra damage on airborne targets, so if you've been trained to jump to avoid a rocket's splash damage, might want to keep your feet on the ground for the next few weeks.

In addition to the upgrade, there's yet another TF2 comic, along with the news that anyone sitting on the sidelines who is at all curious about what all this means, this weekend will see TF2 go free-to-play. Hell, it's not even a weekend; it starts on Thursday, meaning you get four days with the game for free.

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    I can see this thing being spammed and being spammed a lot without much skill.

    Gonna get my rocket ninja skills on!!
    Go Soldiers, gib those scottish mongrels.

    does valve make money from being the most awsome developer in the world? Closest thing to these updates i can think of is wow, but you pay monthly for that game.

    How do they make profit from this?

      The more they do this, the people will buy/play the game, the more money they make. Also, think about it, what have they really done? Added one new weapon, and then advertised it in the form of humorous comics. That is not a LOAD of work. They're probably going to turn a profit on it.

      Also, they made infinity dollars off L4D1/L4D2/CS/CSS already, they have time to risk something small like this not working out.

        Not to mention all the extra free publicity they get by advertising it so attractively with comics - Kotaku and other games new sites (eg: RPS) post every TF2 update, and Kotaku posts pretty much every comic!

        Also, having a free weekend with the update...? They've already proven that means $$$$$$$$$$$.

      I don't know what to think of the new rocket, jumping over them is just instinct now. I'll be sticking with the old one, since splash damage is incredibly useful for indirect targeting. But I don't like the prospect of facing off against a number of good soldiers with the new launcher.
      If the firing rate is the same or faster than the current launcher, I can see it being incredibly powerful given the 80% faster rocket speed.

      They don't make a profit, per se. What they are doing, however, is building customer confidence and loyalty. In two years time when they release TF3 or whatever, you can expect every fan they have accumulated prior to pay the highest price without question. What the continuous updates are is just another form of marketing.

        Yeah, TF3 in two years... Remeber who make this game? Valve...

          over 2 years between Episode 2 and an un-annouced episode 3

          6 years between Half Life and HL2

          11 Years between TF and TF2

          It may actually be a bajillion years before Team Fortress 3 comes out.

      And every time you log into steam to play TF2, you see many other games advertised. TF2 is almsot like advertising to bring us into their 'shop'. I don't have a problem with it, but you can start to see how TF2 earns money for them...

    basically a whole shedload of people play it and keep playing it, while they make their friends buy it too for cheap on the cheap weekends.
    People who would never have bought it otherwise.

    Also, Valve builds their reputation for being totally awesome with TF2.


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