TF2 Update Brings New Weapons, Achievements

Team Fortress 2's "War" update draws near its conclusion with a bang today, both the Demoman and Soldier getting new items, new weapons and new achievements.

As expected, the Soldier gets a pickaxe (which deals more damage the less health you have) and a banner, which can inspire his fellow troops.

The Demoman, meanwhile, gets a new sticky bomb launcher, one which sacrifices firepower for the ability to selectively detonate the bombs.

Both classes will also be getting 35 new achievements each.


    The new sticky bomb launcher isn't a downgrade in firepower its a slower reload, with a much larger clip and the ability to selectively detonate stickies.

      "Trading offensive capability for increased defensive power, the SR can lay down twice as many sticky bombs, as well as destroy enemy sticky bombs."

      Offensive Capability this would imply a downgrade in firepower.

      "The SR is less useful for air-bursts and close range combat, thanks to longer priming rate (0.4 seconds) per bomb. "

      Longer Priming Rate is not longer reload time. When you shoot a sticky there is a a short amount of time before you can actually set it off (0.1 seconds I believe). This is increased on the SR to 0.4 seconds.

    This truely is the greatest update yet (and not just because I have worshiped BLU Soldier since beta)

    The comics, the nail-bitingly-close war....

    The Bugle has me majorly pumped, replacing the reseved-for-Spies-only-shotgun with an in-game ability to help my maggots-for-teammates along with my roaring, morale increasing spam of voice chat.


    Date of release?


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