TF2's Propaganda Contest Winners Will Delight & Amaze

Well, this is a surprise. Those entrants in Team Fortress 2's propaganda competition we posted the other day? While good, they've got nothing on the eventual winners, which aren't just good. They're so much better than good.

Valve have picked the three winners from a field of over 11,000 entries, each of which will receive one-of-a-kind in-game items. And boy do they deserve it. Especially that "Blue Devil" one. Let's hope there was a clause in the entry forms stating the winners may end up for sale in Valve's store!

[Team Fortress 2]


    the dark blue one with the demoman is well composed.

    What happened to the having to include the "If I win, the item shall irrevocably be called YOUR NAME'S ITEM HERE, and I am fine with that"

    Geez, VALVe.

      Take a look at the blog post - at least two of them gave item names.

    The hammer fixes all.

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