TF2's War Ends With New Item, New Maps

And just like that, the war is over. The Soldiers, victorious, the Demomen, less so. The saying decrees that the victors get the spoils, and since the Soldiers won, they get the spoils.

Which comes in the form of the final update to the game's characters for the week. Since the Soldiers won, the Soldier gets a bonus new item, which is a pair of "Gunboats", boots that when equipped greatly reduce the amount of damage absorbed from a rocket jump.

Everyone's a winner today, though, with the week of war drawing to a close with a gift all players can enjoy: two new maps. The first is called Gorge, and is "an attack/defense map with only two control points, designed for quick rounds and fast, frantic play". The second is called "Doublecross", and is "a fast-paced map that promises a lot of turnaround, with fighting focused on the main bridge and plenty of ways to fall off of it (or cause others to)".

[Team Fortress 2]


    Wait until the free weekend is over, the Valve servers will be lightened significantly and a few bugs should have been fixed by then.

    If you can, idle during the time you arn't playing.

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