That Void Doesn't Look So Dark

The latest trailer for Capcom's Dark Void shows off just how not dark the titular void can actually be.

Thank goodness they released this trailer before the game came out, or I would have asked for my money back. That's a relatively light void if I've ever seen one.


    Ah is that the lamest trailer EVER?

    This is a game i've been watching for quite some time now but that trailer just killed the mood. Still might give it a go though.

    But WOW back to the crappyness of the trailer. Just absolutely crap. I mean were they trying to show off the graphics cause they look like any regular game these days. There was no combat to show off. It was all in-game but no one did anything. I would have preferred a CGI trailer where it showed nothing new!


    Visiting Kotaku used to be better before you started commenting on everything.

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