That's The Biggest Damn Cover Disc I've Ever Seen

As seen by me, while shopping for chocolate milk.


    Is that a bunker? ._.

    I saw that 3 months ago.. made me cringe I paid full-price for it, played for 1 month then decided not to subscribe.

    If i wasn't hooked on Aion id be going out to find that magazine....

    Is that game really worth $80 anymore? Really?

    Eh, I've seen bigger.

    Yeh i think i saw that 6-10 months ago, scary its still being hawked by someone.

    The last desperate gasp of a dying game.

    what chocolate milk did you get?

    Bought the mag to try it, which I did a couple of times and let the other 28 days lapse.

    Yep, i picked that up in march of this year, played it a bit, got interested, then went back to wow about 2 weeks later. Nice graphics, okay fighting, shitty story and art direction.

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