The Bayeux Tapestry, World 1-1

It may not have the lasting historical significance of "1066 and all that", but that doesn't stop Elsa's tapestry of Mario's iconic 1-1 level from being just as impressive as anything the Normans could come up with.

Currently a work in progress, the tapestry will come in at an incredible 620x40cm (or 250x15 inches) when completed, which is amazing not only for its scale as a work of art, but also as a means of visualising game worlds in literal terms.

Super mario projektet [Elsa's Broderier, thanks Vebjørn!]


    Why does the '?' block have the mushroom already out if it's still a '?' not blank?

      It's a bug.

        So I guess being a tapestry they could patch it?

    That's awesome. Fan-made art swag for the video games is the best. Like the Pac-Man bracelets that posted earlier today, this is awesome. Oh, and your comment Matfei made me laugh madly, as I imagined a computer virus in a loom. It didn't even make sense, haha.

      Sure it does, a section is frayed and incomplete.

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