The Big Daddies And Big Sisters Of BioShock 2

This is what it looks like to hunt people as the Big Daddy in BioShock 2. And what it's like to be hunted by his newer, more nimble kin, the Big Sister.


    This is starting to look too much like a shooter... DAMN IT!

      yup MP means lets have plasmids and guns at same time just means you have 2 guns :(

    Man I disagree, that first vid had some great plasmid action going on.

    I will agree that... well maybe its just for this trailer.. but it looks faster than the original. Might require more twitch skill than the original did.

    I dont know why i evenbother watching this... the rate its been going its gonna get banned and outlawed here anyway :c

      Nothing to worry about, it's been classified already... so you can watch without worrying!

      Classification : MA 15+
      Consumer Advice : Gaming experience may change online; Strong horror themes, violence and coarse language!OpenDocument

      If the link doesn't work, just search for it...

      Agreed. Either way imo it doesnt look like they have done much more with the graphics and the gameplay looks to be even faster pace shooting. I like proper shoot outs. Ugh.

    What I want to know is, I enjoyed the first game because of the similarities to Ayn Rand, will the second game continue to explore that? Ryan was the most interesting part of the first game, for me, so I'm not very interested if the second one is lacking a similar depth of story.

    I think it's just the fact it's an action montage that makes it look so fast paced. How about giving the new developer a chance and waiting till it's out before passing judgement?

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