The Body Count Of The Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Beta

With less than a week until it closes, the Battlefield Bad Company 2 PlayStation 3 beta has recorded more than 9.4 million vehicle kills, which is like four times all the highway fatalities in the US since 1957.

Total kills recorded during the beta stand at 45.42 million, according to the Battlefield Blog. Other fun facts include 1.01 million marksman headshots, 380,000 houses destroyed, and more than 12,000 killed by defibrillator.

This isn't the work of 10 genocidal madmen killing 4.5 million each, of course. More than 300,000 are participating in the beta, which closes Dec. 21. Battlefield Bad Company 2 is due for a March 2010 release.

Here's the rest of the stats, according to Electronic Arts:

• 3.43M Vehicles Destroyed • 1.01M Marksman Headshots • Total number of points awarded: 10,100,094,360 • Total number of Revives: 2.52M • Total Repair Tool kills: 15.58K • Total Knife Kills: 1.69M • Total C4 Kills: 730.81K

PS3 Beta Update! [Battlefield Blog]

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    21st.. lame. i got the code but i got capped so i couldnt download it :(

    Played it a few times via the PS3 beta. Big BF2/2142 fan, but not a console shooter fan, that beeing said I wasnt overly impressed. Perhaps the console controls put a dampener on my experience, but I much prefer the conquest mode over the BC gameplay type. Given enough polish it should be decent (heck already pre-ordered for PC) however I still think Battlefield 3 is where its gonna be at.

    I sincerely doubt that 2.3millon people have been killed on US highways in the last 50 years

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