The Christmas (And Holiday) Cards We Got

Out of the goodness of their hearts and the possible desire to remind us of their biggest and best brands, gaming companies of the world (and, I think, one regular reader) sent Kotaku the following batch of holiday cards.

Click thumbnails to enlarge. These are the fronts of the cards, most of which were physically mailed to me.

This one was from Activision and included a note that said that a donation to the USO, a charity for the U.S. armed forces, had been made in my honour.


    I'd have to say my favourite out of all of them was the Space Invaders one.

    Also, on a slightly related not, why is everyone afraid to call Christmas by it's real name, instead of calling it 'Holiday'.
    I know that the Western world is becoming more multicultural, but will people really be offended by people celebrating Christmas just because it's not of their religion?

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